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XML Product Dealership / Drop Shipping Product Dealership Wholesale and Retail Silver Jewelry Sales


We hold the stock on your behalf! Our journey, which began in 2011 under the name Çağrı Gümüş, continues with the creation of our registered brand beyisa.com.tr. With the same consistency, wide product range, and our team, we provide product supply at affordable prices for those who sell products via a website, marketplace, or social media.

90% of our products are 925 sterling silver, comprising rose zircon, filigree, marcasite, natural stones, and authentic jewelries. Necessary information has been provided both in the title and description for non-silver plated products. If the phrase natural stone is used in the product title, the product is natural unless otherwise stated, and the remaining stones consist of semi-precious stones.

All our products are sent in a gift box to you or your customer. The shipping fee is borne by our customer in wholesale sales. We recommend you to upload the products with the xml link to make stock and price updates instantly and avoid supply issues.

Returns or exchanges are accepted within 14 days. The products to be returned must be sent to us prepaid with a return invoice. Products sent outside of our agreement will not be accepted. As of March 30, 2022, the average shipping fee for 1 deci is around 20 lira for Turkey, and 20 Dollars for international shipments.

Handmade product orders are shipped within 1-4 days, while other orders are generally shipped on the same day. We offer a 28% discount on our website sales price for our wholesale customers. Our prices include VAT.

If our working conditions are suitable for you, you need to fill out the contact form below and send your official information. Priority will be given to official businesses. Don’t forget to write the link of the channels you will sell in the contact form. Our wholesale customers / Xml dealers cannot make any changes in the sales channel, product information. (For example, products cannot be sold under a different brand or barcode.) If detected, the dealership will be unilaterally terminated indefinitely.

The xml link can be used actively during the collaboration period. After the dealership ends, the customer is obliged to remove the products from the sales channel. Legal action will be initiated against those who continue to sell without continuing the collaboration or use the visuals and content on our site without permission.

Product visuals have sufficient features to be published in marketplaces. Revisions are being made in product visuals gradually. After receiving the xml link, the processing and transfer of information is the responsibility of the customer. We recommend product sending process not manually, but with integration for healthy data transmission. A 28% discount is provided on the prices in the xml. Customers can sell at any price they want in their infrastructure or marketplace.

The wholesale discount code will be given after your first order arrives. Invoices are issued and sent to the registered addresses in the system within 1-7 business days. XML dealership is paid, with a one-time fee of 150$.

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